In which Companies are Loans for Unemployed Provided?

Unemployed people who do not receive income sometimes have a chance to get a break in loan companies. Each lender evaluating the application takes into account several criteria – most often it is the appropriate age (eg 20-70 years), Polish citizenship, address of residence in Poland and lack of a negative history in selected registers.

Sometimes there is also a requirement to receive earnings, or they are a component of creditworthiness assessment. Documentation of earnings, however, is usually required for installment loans – it is virtually impossible to get a loan without employment or to receive funds from another source (eg from a retirement pension). Thus, the short-term loan remains unemployed.

To get a loan, the unemployed must first and foremost choose the right loan company. It is also necessary to have an active mobile phone number and bank account to receive money as part of an online loan.

Where can you get a loan without getting income?

Where can you get a loan without getting income?

Below you can find a list of loan companies also for the unemployed (in fact a list of companies that do not usually verify income when processing applications).

It is worth paying attention to the promotion of the first free loan for new customers, run by a large number of lenders – it is an opportunity to avoid any costs (gives up as much as it lent; the condition of benefiting from such promotion is timely repayment of the obligation). This can be important when choosing a company – especially for unemployed people who are looking for the cheapest solutions.

Below you will find a few selected offers of payday loans, at which income is not officially required. In the last column you will find two links – one will take you to the details of the offer and the opinion about the given lender, the other to the website of the given lender. If you would like to compare all offers of short-term loans, regardless of the income requirements, use the comparison engine.